Important Info Regarding Goldfish/Koi

As a fish store it is part of our responsibility to keep up to date with the Wisconsin DNR’s regulation of invasive fish and plant species. With that said, goldfish (Carassius) and koi (Cyprinus) have been classified as “restricted” species, meaning that as of now these fish may be purchased and possessed HOWEVER should not be released into our native habitats.

Our concern is that more and more pond fish are being found in our native habitats. This is not only extremely harmful to the balance of these ecosystems, but also if this trajectory continues, goldfish of any kind (feeders, fancy goldfish (i.e. orandas, ranchus, etc.) and other pond fish (shubunkin and koi) could get put on the “prohibited” list and therefore no store in the state of WI would be able to sell them. This same scenario has happened to several other common pond plants (water hyacinth, water lettuce) and animals (trapdoor snails).

Please do not dispose/release ANY nonnative aquatic animal (or otherwise). We accept trade ins and unwanted aquatic livestock/plants any time of the year and can handle them accordingly. Let’s be responsible and not lose such a fantastic component of the hobby!

Please visit the WI DNR Invasive Species List website for more information and share this flier.