Our Rewards Program

Become an Aquatics Unlimited rewards member to earn loyalty points for credit towards future purchases! 

This program applies to both in store and online purchases. Earn 1% loyalty points back on your purchases (*exclusions may apply) by creating a rewards account in store at checkout or an online account on our website. Enrolling is quick and easy with only your name, phone number, and email address required. You may choose to opt out of any marketing or promotional emails if you wish. Redeem your loyalty points as credit towards your very next purchase, or allow them to accrue for greater savings! Your loyalty points never expire.

Detailed Terms & Conditions:

  • Members earn rewards equal to 1% of qualifying purchases of any product* at Aquatics Unlimited (AU). For example, a purchase of $100.00 in qualifying products, excluding shipping, handling and tax, would earn a member 1 loyalty point.
  • Each program reward point may be redeemed for $1.00 usable towards future purchases of products, shipping, handling or tax at Aquatics Unlimited.
  • Only purchases of products, excluding Gift Cards, from Aquatics Unlimited are part of this program and earn rewards.
  • Rewards may not be transferred from one member’s account to another.
  • To earn rewards for each Aquatics Unlimited purchase, members must complete their purchase using their member account information.
  • If a reward is credited to a member for the purchase of a product which is later returned, the reward associated with that product will be removed from the member’s rewards account.
  • Reships and credits on your account will be excluded from earning rewards.
  • In addition to program rewards, AU may from time to time offer “bonus” or promotional rewards, or promotional incentives for members. Such offers are not a part of the program’s formal reward structure and may be temporary. AU reserves the right to modify or eliminate such offers at any time. These offers are void where prohibited by law.
  • All transactions in the program are subject to review and adjustment by Aquatics Unlimited. AU may cancel the member’s account, promotional rewards, or any purchase if misuse or violation of program rules is suspected.
  • Membership in the program will be granted by AU through creation of a Aquatics Unlimited customer account and acceptance of these program rules.
  • Members may update email and physical addresses in store or by visiting their account at
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