Aquatic Realmz

Aquatic Realmz, the maintenance division of Aquatics Unlimited is Southeastern Wisconsin’s premier aquatic environment team!

Consistent, Professional Design & Maintenance

Aquatic Realmz was launched over six years ago to provide consistent, professional design & maintenance services for our client’s aquatic needs. After years of steady growth, Aquatic Realmz merged with Aquatics Unlimited to expand our service offerings.

Aquarium Maintenance

Freshwater, Saltwater, Live Planted, and Coral Reef aquariums

Aquarium Design & Setup

New tank setup, or modifications to your current aquarium!

Tank Moves

Help to move your existing tank, whether across the room or across town! Please allow 2-4 weeks for scheduling your aquarium move.

Pond Services

Offering seasonal services, Spring cleaning and Fall closing of your pond. We help you to enjoy a hassle-free beautiful outdoor area.

Vacation Care

We’ll keep those fish happy while you’re away.

And more…!

Call or stop in to see what Aquatic Realmz can do for you!

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