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Water Testing

Aquatics Unlimited prides itself in sharing our knowledge we’ve acquired over the past 50 years in the hobby with you. Part of this includes providing water testing for both freshwater and saltwater. A lot about how your tank is functioning has everything to do with water chemistry. We highly recommend that your water is tested regularly (biweekly or monthly). We understand that at home this can be looked over given the busyness of our lives. Here at Aquatics Unlimited, our store is a space where we can provide you with the expertise and confidence you want for a successful tank. A quarter cup of tank water is all that is needed for either test below.

Our first option is our free water test. This allows us to see a general overview of your tank’s water parameters, and this quick test can diagnose most problems or questions. Bring in a sample any time you come in! We encourage this water test before you plan to add any new fish just to ensure conditions are healthy and stable.

Our second option is our Pro-Test (Freshwater: $5.00 and Saltwater: $6.00). This test gives us a more comprehensive reading of your water parameters. This is a valuable option when needing to fine tune certain water parameters. For the best results, we recommend that 2-3 tests be done within one month. The first test gives us a baseline of parameters to work off of. Each test thereafter, in accordance with our recommended action, will get us closer to the specific water chemistry goals of your aquarium.

We also sell a variety of test kits and testing meters that you can use to test your own aquarium water on a regular basis at home. From simple dip strips to complete master test kits for freshwater and saltwater, and precision digital meters. Check out our Shop for options!




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