Announcements, In Store Services

Trade Ins & Preferred Vendor Program

As a hobbyist you know that there are a variety of ways you may be in the predicament of needing to find your fish a new home. No worries, we always accept fish in-store! 


We know how valuable it is to have a resource that will take in your fish no questions asked. We don’t want you to be in a position where you and your tank have to “just deal with it”, flush them, or release them. Any day and any time we will always accept fish. If it is not an urgent matter, we suggest bringing your fish in during the week (we have an easier time processing them then). 


Well what about store credit? Yes, there are often times that we can issue some in-store credit. At most it is up to 25% of what the fish expects to sell for. We can only assess the value of the fish in-store. If we feel that it is in healthy, good condition and something that we can currently pay on, the credit is placed on a gift card that can be used towards anything in the store. The store credit does not expire. 

Breeding fish as a hobby or business? We have a special Preferred Vendor Program (PVP) for local breeders who wish to sell to the store regularly. Please email to learn more, or stop in to complete an application to participate.

What if I have “A LOT” of fish or a “BIG”  fish to bring in? 

Giving us a phone call or emailing us to prepare if necessary is always appreciated. 

For freshwater/pond email

For saltwater fish/corals/inverts email

What are things you cannot accept?

WE NO LONGER ACCEPT AQUATIC TURTLES. We cannot accept native fish or invertebrate species.

We can accept just about any fish species that is not a native species and is legal to own.


What are examples of things you will not pay on, but still accept?

Some species will vary depending on the season, but Pacu, Convict Cichlids, feeder Guppies, baby pond Goldfish/Koi, and “Hardy Section” fish.


What about old tanks, stands, or used aquarium equipment?

We do always accept these items as a donation, but we do not pay on any old/used equipment.